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Dive Into the New Age of Industry

Our Services

Customized tools

Custom tools designed and built to your specifications to modernize and connect the entire project workflow:

   - Integrations

   - Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications

   - AR

   - Machine Learning

Tekla Structures Automation

Our flagship Tekla Structure Automation services help you automate your repetitive, human resource-heavy tasks, saving time and increasing your bottom line:

   - Custom plug-ins

   - Custom applications

   - Customized components to expand existing automated infrastructure

   - CRM and ERP Integration

Tekla Structures Administration

We offer ongoing Tekla Structures support, so you don’t have to spend time on the repetitive administrative and maintenance work.

   - Deliver BIM strategy

   - Initial environment setup

   - Custom design templates and drawings

   - Implement automated dimensioning

   - Maintain existing environment

   - Make updates for new releases

Product Integration

Make your products stand out.

   - 3D product demonstrations

   - Seamless integration into Tekla Structures

   - Tekla Structures warehouse implementation

   - Striking design to make your product stand out

   - Natural advertising through visuals

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