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Dive Into the New Age of Industry

Customized BIM Solutions

An Innovative & Professional BIM Solution Implementation Across Your Workflow

Customized tools

Custom tools designed and built to your specifications to modernize and connect the entire project workflow.

Tekla Structures Administration

We offer ongoing Tekla Structures support, so you don’t have to spend time on the repetitive administrative and maintenance work.

Tekla Structures Automation

Our flagship Tekla Structure Automation services help you automate your repetitive, human resource-heavy tasks, saving time and increasing your bottom line.

Product Integration

Make your products stand out. Whatever you want to say to your clients, we will make it clear, professional, and visually appealing.

Remove Barriers. Save Time. We Build Customized Solutions That Do Both

We create leading software solutions for construction companies using automation, customizable software, and product integrations in Tekla Structures environment.

Looking for a fast and easier way to automate your human resource heavy tasks?

At Gavimis, we provide flagship solutions so you can minimize human-made errors, improve efficiency, and increase overall profitability.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

Reduce task time

up to 

90 %

Lower resource costs

up to

90 %

Eliminate repetitive tasks

up to 

100 %

Reduce human made mistakes up to

100 %

Our Partners

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BIM Solutions

We want to work with you to solve complex challenges through innovative and customized solution development.

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